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Calling All Photo Enthusiasts!

Don't wait till the last minute.  Grab your camera and get out in beautiful, picturesque Muskoka.  That perfect picture just may be a winner in one of these subjects in our 2017 Photography competition! 

1.  Nail(s)

2.  Paddling Boarding

3.  Tracks in the Snow / Sand

4.  Skating in Memorial Park
5.  Outhouse(s)

6.  Butterfly(s)

7.  Fire and Ice Activities

8.  Old Stone Wall(s)

9.  Boot(s)

10. Mushroom or Toadstools

11. Old Dirt Road(s)

12. Fun Times with the Kid(s) / Grandkid(s)
13. Wild Plant(s) and Wild Flower(s)
14. Autumn Scene
15. Night Time Shot(s) of Your Choice
150th Anniversary Fair Special Award:
      Your Best Moment at the Bracebridge Fair in Years Past
Professional Category:
     1. Old Boats in Colour or B/W

     2. Old Benches

     3. Wagon Wheels

     4. Wildlife

     5. Favourite Farm Animal

Rules of the Competition:  1. Only one print 4” x 6” (10cm x 15cm) for each subject.               
                                          2. Centre mounted on black only Bristol board or cardboard 6” x 8”
                                              (15cm x 20cm); secure with glue (ie., rubber cement) - do not use sticky
                                          3. No multi-layer, added border, 3D enhancement or writing on
                                          4. Place entry tag on lower right corner of border securely.
                                          5. Photos must be taken in the Muskoka area only (unless otherwise
                                               specified) between September 2016 and September 2017.              
Non-professional photos only.               
                                          7. Photos will be judged on composition, impact and originality.
                                          8. Chairperson reserves the right to accept, or reject, exhibits that do
                                              not meet the specifications or requirements of the contest.

Note: Any suggestions for the Photography subjects are welcome.  Please contact Loretta Beer at (705) 641-8960.

Send us your pictures!

Most of the pictures on this site were taken at the Bracebridge Fall Fair & Horse Show.  If you have pictures you wish to share with us, please email them to us at

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